Per'la Specialty Roasters

Our Story

Per’La Specialty Roasters was founded in Miami in 2015 by Paul Massard and Chris Nolte.

It all began as a friendship at university two decades ago which led to Paul embarking on a voyage of coffee discovery that would come full circle with Chris in a meeting of minds. For 17 years, Paul dived deep into the coffee world. He worked as a green coffee buyer – roasting and grading – and was operations director for two coffee farms in Hawaii.

A certified Q-grader, Paul knows as much as there is to know about testing the quality of coffee and flavour profiles. He has been through rigorous training and multiple exams (22 in one week) set by the Coffee Quality Institute to achieve this outstanding level of expertise.

And what Paul brings to the mix in terms of coffee know-how, Chris complements in equal measure with a successful background in business development and branding. Chris has specialised in large, multi-site product rollouts that have seen him apply a wealth of skills. From assessing needs and product selection to educating staff and quality testing.

It now all comes together in Per’La Specialty Roasters coffee – the highest grade of coffee bean – direct from the farmer to your cup.

The journey to the best tasting coffee starts long before it reaches the roaster. We only source the finest coffee beans and work with farmers we get to know on the ground. It takes time to understand their world and the challenges they face. Strong relationships and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.

Coffee expertise at the highest level. High-grade coffee beans sourced directly. Roasted consistently to absolute perfection. A shared mission to bring you coffee as it was truly meant to be.

And now Per’La Specialty Roasters have come to Newbury, bringing a delicious range of refined coffee flavours that appeal to both adventurous and traditional coffee lovers alike. Sustainably sourced, specialty coffee direct from select farmers and a team of experts now in the UK taking coffee to new heights.